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Revised Front Cover

Sprouting: REVISED Beginners Guide to Growing Sprouts!: Everything You Need to Know to Start Growing and Enjoying Sprouts!

by Jim Beerstecher

Revised and Expanded! Adds more insight and depth to the process of sprouting! Also reinforces the simple process of continuing to sprout outlined in the book!

Everything You Need to Know to Start Growing and Enjoying Sprouts!

In a Single Jar!

Better Health for Pennies!

LESS than 5 Minutes a Week!

Wonderful Nutrition for a Few Cents!

This game-changing new book shows readers how simple, easy, and affordable it can be to improve health, vitality, and lifestyle!

Jim’s approach to sprouting makes it accessible to anyone who wants to try. It only takes about 5 minutes a week to do it! You’ll have a big pile of healthful, delicious, fresh sprouts to add to all the foods you eat.

The second groundbreaking concept presented in this book is Jim’s simple process of continuing production! Soon, you will have all the sprouts you can enjoy, on a regular basis! Year around gardening, on your kitchen counter, without dirt, no weeds, and harvests every four to five days!

Put them on salads, steaks, soups, and on sandwiches! Eat them for snacks, in your morning oatmeal or eggs, at lunch, and at dinner! Yep, they go wonderfully with everything!

In 2012, facing 2 surgeries, Jim threw himself into the study and practice of growing and eating sprouts with every meal. He grew them, himself, on his kitchen counter!

Today, Jim is over 100 pounds lighter and has regained his health entirely without surgery! Gone are perforated diverticulitis, type II diabetes, major depression, stage 2 hypertension, arthritis, and morbid obesity. He’d been obese for over 30 years!

Not any more!

And it all started with developing a simple, affordable, easy-to-use, and health-restoring system for growing sprouts at home. For pennies, he began growing his own health and is today completely unrecognizable from the Jim of 2013. And it all started with a few sprouts grown on his kitchen counter… as it can for you.

Once you see how simple, easy, and affordable it can be, you’ll be on the road to better health, too!

Can you spare five minutes every week to help build the best health of your life?

Give this simple, affordable book a chance. Buy it today! You have nothing to lose besides excess weight, deteriorating health, and depleted vitality! And you have everything to gain, including restored health, amazing renewed vitality, and lots more vigor!

There are lots of books that will tell you how to sprout. This book teaches you how to develop your own simple sprout center and how to keep it actively producing all year long, regardless of where you live!

This is not the last word on the subject of sprouting! It’s designed to be the first words to help you get started!


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To find out more and/or order a copy of Jim’s sprouting book, click the link pictured.  It will take you to the info page at

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 Title: Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget!

Subtitle: Buy and Equip Boats for Pennies on the Dollar! Save Thousands on Your Next Boat & the Boat Gear To Go with It!

By Jim Beerstecher

Why spend lots of money on a boat? With this fun and exciting text, you get the author’s secrets to buying boats for pennies on the dollar!

Save time and money buying a boat and the gear to go with her! Get a boat now following these proven principles! Gives specific examples of boat deals the author has gotten and shares his hints and tips for getting similar deals on boats!

Updated to include all the internet sources and methodology you need to snap up a great deal on a boat! Jim’s been buying sailboats for pennies on the dollar for over 30 years.   Until now he’s kept his secrets to himself. Now he’s ready to retire and sail off forever, so he’s sharing what he’s learned!

Jim’s helped lots of people find great boat deals and now he’s going public with his knowledge. Get a great deal on a boat! Get a great deal on boat gear! Cut the docklines and go cruising now! Why wait until you pay off a huge boat loan… Get a boat you can afford and go now!

For the cheap price of this book, you’ll get a great return on your investment! Easily save a bundle on your next boat! This is the book that boat brokers DON’T want you to read!

Some boat deal’s the author’s found so far: A thirty foot trimaran for $100; an Islander Bahamas 24 for $350; a Catalina 22, with trailer, for $600; a Venture 23 sailboat with trailer for $400; another Venture 23 with trailer with a new outboard motor for $200; a Bristol 24, for $600; an Islander 30 for $1900; and the ultimate coup (SO FAR!) a Hans Christian 34 for UNDER $5,000! And then there are the free boats!


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Learn more and/or order the Ebook Edition of Jim B’s Book, Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget! via Amazon, now!



Learn more and/or order the Printed Edition of Jim B’s Book, Champagne Boating on a Beer Budget! via Amazon, now!



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Title: Simply Brilliant Ideas & Projects for Sailboats & Power to Customize Your Boat and Prepare the Crew for Cruising!

Subtitle: Boatloads of Hints, Tips, and Great Ideas! To Save You Time, Money, and Problems! 

By Jim Beerstecher

Must reading for people preparing to go cruising, whether power or sail! Helps you prepare your vessel, crew, pets, paperwork, galley, and money for the upcoming cruise! This book can save you buckets of dollars, too many hours of labor, and, tons of grief!

From the book… For forty-five years, you’ve lived a shore-based life. You understand things in your land-oriented world implicitly and rarely need to think about anything pertaining to your basic living circumstances. All of that’s about to go flying out the window because YOU’RE getting ready to go cruising. You’re entering into a new and foreign world. You need all of the help you can get to maximize the potential for success of your cruise.

Jim B is an average cruiser with an average cruiser’s lifetime experience and a lot of proven ideas to save you time, money, and energy!

The very few bucks spent here just might save your life someday! This book is a compendium of the boatloads of the slick things Jim B has learned along the way. That’s what you need, basic hints, tips, and great ideas from a cruiser who’s been there!

Any one hint, tip or idea is easily worth the price of this book and can enhance your cruising experience …and every copy you buy helps him stay out cruising just that much longer! Thanks!


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To Order a Copy of Simply Brilliant Ideas & Projects for Sailboats & Power to Customize Your Boat and Prepare the Crew for Cruising!, Click Here:




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Title: Recovery: Passing Along Some Experience, Strength, and Hope!

By Jim Beerstecher

The author, who’s been active in his own recovery since 1976, begins with his own story, “Jim B’s Twelve Days of Christmas… a Miracle of Recovery.” An alcoholic! A drug addict! A codependent! And a compulsive overeater! Jim’s a good example of recovery being possible for the “some of us are sicker than others” crowd!

In this book, the author recounts important and memorable lessons learned in his recovery. Each story will give the reader new insights into his/her own recovery. “If my readers gets one single new idea out of this book,” quips Jim, “It’s worth the price of admission… and then some!”

Good reading, fun accounts, anecdotes, slogans, sponsorship, meetings, steps, spirituality, treatment centers, relationships in recovery, employment, prosperity, and dozens of other components that make up a day in recovery are discussed. Something for everyone, new in recovery and old timers alike!

Great gift idea! Great for people in any recovery program/s and for people who are contemplating joining a recovery program! It’s a meeting in a digital format… got a few minutes? Glean some new perspectives for your own recovery!


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To get more information and/or to order a copy of Recovery: Passing Along Some Experience, Strength, and Hope! click the link below. It will take you to the page describing the book in more detail.


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