Jim B’s Story!

Jim B’s Story!

Jillions of people are starting to grow their own sprouts to augment their diet, improve their general nutrition level, and enjoy better, healthier food! It’s simple, easy, and dirtlessly cheap!

Pics 8 22 2015 012Carol Finney of Richardson, Texas, quotes my perspective on sprouting, enthusiastically saying, “It’s more convenient than having a tater patch in your backyard!”

In the past few years, it has become an ongoing, everyday process that I don’t even have to think about.   At any given time, I have a selection of sprouts around the house in some stage of sprouting. I’ve gotten a good, easy routine going and share it with you in this humble book! Sprouting is a fundamental part of my health and nutrition, today!

Current conventional wisdom says that we should be eating at least 60% raw veggies and fruits in our diet, each day! For years I wasn’t able to make that happen. The American Industrial Food Complex took over my diet early on.   There was nothing vital about the food I was eating. Everything I ate was processed, chemicalized, nutritionally deficient, devitalized, and downright poisonous. That same everything I ate came with a lengthy and complex list of ingredients and an assurance from that same American Industrial Food Complex that all those ingredients were safe and nutritious.

In small amounts, no discernible problems were noted. Over years of consuming those things, my body began to fall apart! But, the Complex (the great American processed food production industry and their governmental counterpart, the Food and Drug Administration) denied being a part of that. They had me convinced that my problems lay elsewhere.

As I began to age, all the while eating like an American, my overall health and vitality began to devolve.   My weight increased gradually for years! It was my distinct misfortune to have been obese for over 30 years! As I hit my fifties, I began to experience many of the problems of aging that my doctors assured me were just part of the aging process.

jim-fat-pic.jpgThe final straw fell after I found myself boiling over for days with a 103-degree temperature, my intestinal tract had shut down, and I was lying immobilized in a hospital bed and diagnosed with perforated diverticulitis!

There I was at 300+ pounds, nearly dead with a hole burst open in my intestines! My doctor assured me that 2 surgeries were all that was needed to make me as good as new!   He said I didn’t need to change anything about my lifestyle, that I could continue to eat and exercise (or lack thereof!) as always. I’d get a first surgery to implant a colostomy bag which would funnel all my poop out of the affected area of my colon and into a plastic bag at my side! I’d wear that thing for about a month (Now there’s a fashion statement!). Then he would go in and cut out the affected foot or two of my colon, restoring my health.

I had no health insurance and very little disposable income (Yep, I was broke!)! I was facing odds that said I’d be going bankrupt in short order… if I lived to go broke! People die of this disorder all the time. Over 30 million people have diverticulosis, little blown-out spots in their colons, which flare up from time to time and which, if burst open, can kill them quickly and with little other option.   My doctor assured me that we’d caught the problem in time and I’d be on the road to health in no time (and, as he failed to mention, if I didn’t die, first!)!

Along with that life-threatening problem, I was also diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, Stage 2 Hypertension, Morbid Obesity, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Major Depression! I was walking with a cane due to a bum knee, suffered from constant back pain, and couldn’t pursue anything physical for more than a few minutes each day lest I spend several days in bed recovering! The list of complaints went on and on and on and on and on!

I didn’t want to believe surgery was my only option. Despite his assurance that there was no other way to deal with this, I decided to look at the world of natural health and healing. As I began to review the literature available on natural foods and healing (both on the internet and in the printed media), as I began to watch and learn from all the new documentaries available on natural foods and natural healing (sites like Food Matters TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the Internet in general!), I began to see a pattern. People who opted out of the American Industrial Food Complex were beginning to cure all sorts of the so-called diseases of aging! They were dancing with joy and free from long lists of so-called chronic illnesses (a chronic illness, by definition, is something you never get rid of. Boy were my doctors wrong!)

They were overcoming all of the diagnoses I had and many others! Many illnesses thought to be directly linked to aging turned out to be directly linked to long-term exposure to the poisons and devitalized nutrients in our food chain!

Could it really be that simple?

Yes it really was that simple!!!

jim-with-food2-225x300To make an already lengthy story a bit lengthier, I completely changed my diet and lifestyle.   Today I no longer have any of the diagnoses listed above! In less than 2 years of eating healthy, life-giving, vital foods, prepared in ways to optimize the nutritional values to nurture my body, here’s what has been essentially cured:

  • Perforated Diverticulitis, GONE!
  • Type II Diabetes, GONE (A1C in normal range for over a year and a half!) with no re-occurrence of symptoms!
  • Stage 2 Hypertension, GONE with normal blood pressure achieved without medication!
  • Morbid Obesity, GONE! In fact, after over 30 years in some stage of obesity, I’m no longer obese at all!
  • Peripheral Neuropathy, GONE!
  • Major Depression, GONE!

And here are some other improvements I love to dance, sing, and crow about!

  • I’ve lost over 100 pounds, so far!
  • I can be physically active all day and feel great tonight and tomorrow!
  • No more cane to walk with… and no need for one!
  • No more back pain!
  • No more medications!
  • No doctors, aside from regular checkups!
  • No surgeries!
  • Absolutely NO more mythical diseases of aging!
  • And I didn’t have to go broke!

All of that was accomplished by:

  1. By halting the intake of poisonous, devitalized foods!
  2. By simultaneously beginning and continuing the intake of unadulterated foods: sprouts, fresh veggie juices, and eating unprocessed foods (Mostly raw!)!
  3. By getting educated about all of the above from others who are similarly healing themselves!
  4. Undertaking some physical exercise as I became able!


Did I go broke?   Nope! These changes ended up saving me tons of money by not having to go to doctors or hospitals and by no longer buying medications, both over the counter and prescription! I also save by not buying anti-suffering aids like over the counter potions, canes, wheelchairs, and the like.

Also, the new way of eating I discovered for myself actually costs me far less in one day than one trip to a fast food joint!

1230151101bAlso, the new way of eating I discovered and developed for myself actually costs me far less in one day than one trip to a fast food joint! I actually eat far less food than before and enjoy every bite and slurp of real nutrition much more!

Where I had no time to prepare food, before, and relied on fast foods and quick-devitalized foods from the grocer, I now have plenty of extra time to prepare whole, vital food.



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