Day 6.5 Breakfast and Dinner with Sunflower Sprouts!

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Breakfast with 2 kinds of sprouts!

I began clipping sunflower sprouts this morning around 10.  The breakfast included scrambled eggs with okara (the white paste left over from making soy milk.  For 2 eggs I spooned in about 2 tablespoons of okara, mixed it in, and scrambled it up… added garlic, too!). I cut a red ruby texas grapefruit up, fixed a piece of all organic nutty bread from Costco into toast, fixed a small bowl of blueberries and strawberries, plopped on a heaping of fresh zesty sprout mix, and polished it off with organic orange juice.  And, look what’s topping the eggs off… sunflower sprouts!  They made the breakfast legendary! Here’s some pix of breakfast this morning…

It made a lovely plate of food, colorful, fresh, and healthy!  Just looking at it made me feel better about myself, my life, and the world.  It took very little work, time, and money to make the breakfast.  What it DID take was almost dying from eating poorly to wake me up to eating this way… the gift of desperation!

About 2 tablespoons of okara added to scrambled eggs (2 or 3).

Here’s what the okara looked like when I added it into the scramble.  I add it to soups, smoothies, veggie burgers and loaves, and batters.  It’s full of protein, vitamins and minerals.  Remember, too, it’s a byproduct of making healthy food, too. So, after spending 35 cents to make about a half-gallon of soy milk, a brick of tofu, or 5 cups of soy yogurt, the okara is just one byproduct that carries on the health-giving nutrition I so desperately need!

Supper tonight!

First salad with sunflowers in quite a while… yay!

Supper included a lovely salad!  I built it in layers.  From the bottom, up: lettuce, spinach, zesty sprouting mix, yellow and red sweet peppers, tomato, and sunflower sprouts! A sliced avocado made it sing!

MMMMMM good! Everyone had seconds!  As an aside, I gave up using salad dressing several years ago.  Very occasionally, I’ll put oil and vinegar on a salad, but almost never when dining out. I have adapted well to the subtle flavors of the veggies in the salad!  My palate really enjoys the textures, flavors, and aromas of the veggies, themselves.

So, for one day of eating these sprouts, including frequent nibbling snacks through the day, here’s a picture of how they crop looks!  Not bad.  I’ll get 2 or 3 harvests from the tray, so it could last six or seven days.  What a great return on investment!

Please note: it took way more time and effort to take pictures and write the words for these posts than the effort required

Barely scratched the surface. One day eating off of this batch of sunflower sprouts!

to grow sprouts.  I hope you give them a try sometime. And, remember, always start a new batch once you begin eating the latest batch.  Always start new batches… then you’ll always have plenty of good nutritious sprouts to eat! – Jim B






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