More About Sunflower Sprouts: Day 6: Let’s Eat!!!!

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More About Sunflower Sprouts: Day 6: Let’s Eat!!!!

Note the back half of the tray shows black caps on the sprouts. Those are the in-the-hull sprouts. Notice also that they are about 2″ tall while the ones in the front are 3″ to 4″ tall and are therefore more gangly looking.

Day six saw a field of sunflower seed sprouts!  Both teams are up and at it in force!  I moved them to a brighter spot for more indirect sunlight to help them grow and green up.

See if you can see this.  The in-the-hull seeds are all coming up nicely now and are about 1-1/2″ shorter than the hulled seeds.  They proudly wear their hull like a hat.  I hope it shows up well in the picture.

Snip snip! The longer ones are ready to be cut and eaten!

There are some of the hulled seeds that are 4″ high already!  I can take my scissors and cut a bunch for lunch, on my sandwich, in a salad, as a stand-alone snack, or on top of my main course meal.

Wearing their black hats!
Hat-free, many are ready to harvest!

I apologize if this is mind-numbingly boring for y’all.  It’s been a long-term look at one specific sprout, the sunflower.  The idea was to show the day-to-day process involved in it.  It will continue for a few days to show the harvest cycle for such.  Because these are in dirt, they can continue to sprout and grow over a longer period.  I will cut them as needed until they seem to slow down to a crawl.  At that point I will put the mat of fibrous sprout remnants and dirt out in the garden.

One of those out there has a half-dozen sunflowers growing nicely!  Each time I sprout a batch, I will do the same and have wonderful sunflower patches around the yard.  For certain, the squirrels are loving it!  They delight in these sprouts!

Thanks for reading and sharing your comments!  My next experiment into sunflower sprouting will be simpler and more traditional (ie without dirt!)… maybe we can pull it off, after all.

Here’s wishing y’all great health and wonderful days!  – Jim B

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