Here Comes Spring! And More Sprouts for Breakfast!

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Here Comes Spring! And More Sprouts for Breakfast!

Spring signals in more fresh fruit available for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.  This morning, I realized there were 5 different fresh fruits present in my breakfast. I hadn’t planned it. It’s just that I pick up what’s fresh and available and right now, there’s a lot that qualifies.

I made a small mix of fresh blueberries, strawberries, and clementine sections and put them in a bowl. No sauces, seasoning, just fresh fruit! And not too much.  A little of each.  Lovely

Then, I sectioned the final Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. Wonderful flavors and texture all through the ten pound bag!  Each one as a pure delight.  I got half of that last grapefruit on my plate.

There was a small piece of leftover chicken that I diced up and mixed with a scrambled egg.  It’s the non-plant part of my breakfast.   My portion was one egg and maybe an ounce of chicken.

Had a piece of toast from Costco.  Organic all the way. Loaded with nuts and fun stuff.  Toasted up, was more like a dessert than a piece of toast.

Finally, front and center, sprouts!  Fresh, home-grown sprouts.  Definitely self-health for self-help people!  I love picking up a dab of sprouts on my fork and then digging in for a bit of fresh fruit or a bite of egg and taking in the textures, flavors, and aromas of the whole bite as it enters my mouth.

This breakfast, while looking exquisite, didn’t cost much. Didn’t take long to make, either.  But wowowowowowowowow was it delicious. Healthy too.

I washed it all down with sips of extra pulp orange juice, organic.  Mmmmmm.  Aaaahhhhh.

I just thought I’d crow about my wonderful breakfast this morning.  Been on a kick of photo-ops at breakfast lately.

Here’s to wonderful food, nurturing our bodies, creating optimal health… and, at the heart of it all, fresh, home-grown sprouts.  – Jim B


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