More About Sunflower Seed Sprouts: Day 4: Babies Are Up!

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Day 4: Babies Are Up!

And, another post beginning with a nice picture of sprouts, rather than bore you with a picture of dirt! LOL.

Day 4: Note sprouts in the back section of dirt. Sunflower sprouts from hulled seeds. About 1 sprout every 1/2″. Just gets better from here on out!

Not much happening in the sunflower pan, so far.  However, there is a  lot of little things happening.  Team 2, the hulled sunflower seeds are up!  Yep, they are popping up above the dirt all over their side of the tray!  In the picture to the left, you can see them popping up in the background. The foreground, where Team 1 sunflower seeds in the hulls are planted, appears dormant.

The seeds that were planted in the hulls still, don’t seem to be doing a thing. But, I moved away some dirt in a  couple of places and, guess

Is it a hazy plane crash on the moon? Nope, it’s an underground forest of sunflower sprouts about to explode from their seed hulls!  Just pull away the dirt on the surface and there ya go… or, rather, here they come!

what?  Yep, you can see little 1/2″ sprouts peeking out of the seeds. They are still below ground, but in the next 2 days, I figure they’ll be up and growing toward the sky! So that’s the action here in Houston, Texas, today.  Wonderful sunflower sprouts are popping up all over.

Total amount of effort to grow these sprouts today?  About 3 seconds, which was just how long it took to move the tray from the mud room counter to the kitchen table to get more indirect light. That’s it. No watering, no hoeing, no weeding, no rinsing. Face it, when I’m sprouting in the dirt and when I’m sprouting in a jar or tray, the seeds and sprouts do most of the work. I get the joy of watching them come to life and the real excitement of eating them!

Fortunately, I still have my other sprout routine working for me while this experimenting is going on.  Right now I have a small amount of black lentil sprouts leftover that I’ve planned to include in my morning juice tomorrow. Also, in the fridge, I’ve got a large amount of the Zesty sprout mix all sprouted up and ready to go. Actually, I’ve been eating off of that batch for 2 days, so far.

It’s great to have a variety of sprouts for meal preparation.  I can really dress up any dish when I can layer sprouts. The effect is a good one.  Try it. I’ll try to get some pics of the effect to show you, too.

Here’s wishing everyone world peace and self-health to all my self-help friends! – Jim B


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